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Bolton Council has withdrawn its objection to building 300 houses on open space at Lee Hall.

Lee Hall development

Lee Hall development

Hundreds of people have signed a petition objecting to the plans, fearing they will cause traffic chaos along Park Road and at the Chequerbent roundabout.

Labour decided to remove their objection to building on open space at a meeting behind closed doors just 7 days after the election.

Before the election, Labour councillors described revelations about their plans to build houses on open spaces across Westhoughton as “lies”.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson, who strongly objects to the Lee Hall plans, said: “Our town has been stabbed in the back by Labour.”

The fate of the Lee Hall plans will be decided on July 5 by a Planning Inspector, but with only an objection about the impact on the highways remaining, the chances of defeating the plans are now significantly reduced.

If the plans are approved it could open the floodgates for 1,700 more houses on the green fields behind the site.

Say NO to the 5,000 houses

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