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Bolton Council has given approval for a new Westhoughton by-pass – with the caveat that it will be funded by developers who want to build thousands of new houses across the town.

Residents are dismayed that while their calls for a new bypass are being heard, the fact that it would be funded by new mass developments will defeat the very purposes of the major road by flooding our area with even more traffic.

The Labour-run council’s cabinet members agreed to the proposal in principle but they don’t know how much it will cost and what route it will take although it is expected to pass nearby or through an area where some 3,000 houses are being considered by Peel Holdings and Persimmon Homes.

If developers pay for the road it would be likely that the 3,000 houses for the east side of Westhoughton will get the nod even before any planning applications have been submitted.

There is going to be a planning appeal for 300 houses by Persimmon Homes on the northern part of the Lee Hall site in April.

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