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After 18 months of campaigning for Gellert Place to be resurfaced, the Daisy Hill street now looks set to be in line for improvement works.

Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson has been fighting for the improvements but Bolton Council has repeatedly rejected the calls for action.

Rebekah Fairhurst, Liberal Democrat candidate for the Daisy Hill by-election on February 23, said: “The current state of the road is unacceptable, especially when you consider how many millions of pounds have been spent on improving roads and footpaths in Bolton town centre.

“There may now be a glimmer of hope, however. After raising the issue again this month, we have now been told that new equipment may be deployed on the road and we might, after all, get the road resurfaced.

“We won’t hold our breath, but let’s hope our persistent calls for action will now lead to some new tarmac on the street!”

Let’s stop Labour neglecting Daisy Hill. For a fresh voice, vote Rebekah Fairhurst on Thursday 23 February in the Daisy Hill by-election.

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