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Roads and footpaths across Daisy Hill have been left to crumble by Bolton Council.

David Wilkinson is campaigning for a fair deal for Westhoughton.

He is calling for action on France Street, one of the main roads used by Daisy Hill residents.

David has also called for improvements on Gellert Place, Eatock Way, Hindley Road and St James Street.

David Wilkinson on Gellert Place

David Wilkinson on Gellert Place

Unfortunately Westhoughton has suffered from a lack of investment over the last few years. While Bolton Council has spent millions of pounds on Bolton town centre, it is reluctant to even fill in the simplest of potholes in Westhoughton.

David Wilkinson said: “When my colleagues proposed spending more money on fixing our roads, Labour councillors rejected the plan and instead splashed out £1million on new saunas and steam rooms at the Bolton One leisure complex.

“I am campaigning on a daily basis trying to get roads and footpaths across Daisy Hill fixed.”

You can help David continue the fight by voting for him at the local elections on Thursday 5 May. Westhoughton needs a fair deal from Bolton Council – and David wants to get it for our town.

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