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A suitcase filled with mystery photographs of what is thought to be a Westhoughton couple has been found in a London flat.

Vanessa Robinson’s daughter had been clearing the loft of her flat in Ealing when she stumbled across the pictures.

She is now trying to reunite the photographs with their rightful owner.

One picture has names written on the back, reading: “Frank and Georgina Lee (nee Prince), married in Barbados”. It is thought they lived in Marlbrook Drive.

Vanessa told us: “My daughter found a suitcase with lots of photos in when clearing her loft and there is one with names on the back. She would like to reunite the photos with the owners if possible.

“They lived in Marlbrook Driv but the case was in the loft in Ealing. I don’t think it was their home but someone who knew them.”

Anyone who can help solve the mystery can contact the Westhoughton Liberal Democrat team.

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