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The new Lounge Seven bar and restaurant

The new Lounge Seven bar and restaurant

A new bar called Lounge Seven has opened in Westhoughton.

The bar, which also serves food, opened in the last couple of weeks in the former Parrs bank, on Market Street.

The historic building has seen a number of incarnations in recent years, most recently Red restaurant, which won a coveted Lancashire Life award.

It then become an American-style restaurant but that was short-lived.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “I wish this business the very best. Good luck to them.

“We should get behind firms like this because they are putting time, effort and money into whilst creating new jobs.

“It is also creating a place for the people of Westhoughton to relax and socialise which is equally important.”

Visit the Lounge Seven website at

Also follow the restaurant on Twitter @Lounge_Seven.

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