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Plans have been submitted by Bolton Council for a new car park at Winifred Kettle.

Internal works to convert the 1960s building into a community health facility have already started.

But the council needs permission to extend the car park amid concerns that it could impact on the junction of Washacre and Leigh Road.

The current parking provision is just two disabled spaces and four standard spaces. The proposal, subject to planning approval, will provided three disabled spaces, 24 standard spaces and two motorcycle bays.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “Westhoughton was promised a proper health centre in the town centre at Pavilion Square but those plans were scrapped by Labour. Now we have to make do with a refurbishment of Winifred Kettle, where people tell me they are now serving up ready meals in place of what used to be a very good kitchen.

Winifred Kettle

Winifred Kettle

“I know some residents will be concerned about the impact that this car park might have on the Leigh Road and Washacre junction. It is not an ideal situation. What we really need is a purpose built health centre in the town centre.”

A council spokesman said: “The internal building works currently underway did not require planning approval. The planning application refers specifically to proposed amendments to the car parking provision.

“A traffic survey was needed to determine the revised parking provision. To minimise any delay to the internal works and the opening of the facility to the community at the earliest opportunity, it was agreed to do this work in parallel with the refurbishment, as external works would always be programmed towards the contract end.”

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