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Labour councillors in Westhoughton were told about dangerous potholes on Central Drive in February but failed to act, it has emerged today.

Social media posts show that one of the councillors, who is in charge of Bolton’s roads and footpaths, was told about the increasingly dangerous potholes on February 20. Despite a promise of action, the councillor failed to fix the road.

The Facebook exchange that proves Labour failed to act

The Facebook exchange that proves Labour failed to act – we have blanked out the Labour councillor’s name

Motorists have spent thousands of pounds in car repairs since – and some are considering small claims against the council, which could substantially outweigh the cost of repairing the road.

It was only after relentless campaigning for more than 50 days by Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson that any action was taken on nearby Church Street’s potholes and, finally, on Thursday, some of the Central Drive potholes too. There are still more potholes on the street which David wants to see tackled.

Cllr Wilkinson said: “Residents are sick to the back teeth with the state of our roads and footpaths. They are quite rightly furious that Bolton Council is splashing out £1million of saunas and steam rooms in Bolton town centre when the same money could be used to fill 18,867 potholes – more than enough to fix the whole of Westhoughton.

“For too long Labour has had an easy ride in Westhoughton, while our motorists have had a very bumpy one – but enough is enough.”

A vote for David Wilkinson for the Westhoughton South ward and Derek Gradwell for the Westhoughton North ward on Thursday 5 May will ensure the town has two campaigners who will not let Labour get away with underfunding Westhoughton any longer.

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