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A team of Westhoughton councillors are calling for action after a survey of Westhoughton residents revealed a sharp rise in concerns about crime in the town.

Some 240 people were surveyed by community website My Westhoughton after a spate of burglaries and thefts in the Westhoughton area in recent weeks.

Some 91 per cent of respondents said they were concerned about the levels of crime in the town.

Crime concerns

116 respondents said that they felt crime had become “much worse” in the last 12 months and 88 said it had become a “little worse”. This compared to just two people who thought the situation had improved.

Crime concerns

Some 53 per cent of respondents said the last time they had seen a police presence in the town “was too long ago to remember” and 90 per cent felt the closure of the police post near Pavilion Square had been a bad idea.

Police presence

Police post closure

Residents have helped to pinpoint specific crime hotspots in the town and Westhoughton Liberal Democrats have submitted the results to local police. They have also secured a debate about the issue at Monday’s town council meeting.

Westhoughton town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon said: “These figures show for the first time that Westhoughton residents really do feel the situation has worsened in the past year. They are telling us that enough is enough, something has to be done.”

Fellow town councillor David Wilkinson said: “People no longer feel that their homes and cars are safe. Too many times we are being contacted at My Westhoughton with reports of break ins, cars being stolen and people acting suspiciously in the area.”

If you have not completed the crime survey, click here to do so.

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