1,000 houses at Hulton Estate recommended for APPROVAL

Hulton Estate

Bolton Council’s planning team is recommending APPROVAL for almost 1,000 luxury houses and a Ryder golf course at Hulton Estate, with the bulk of the traffic heading for the Chequerbent roundabout, with secondary access off the A6.

Town councillors David Wilkinson and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon are strongly opposed to this smash-and-grab plan from one of the richest developers in the country. It’s all about money – and will bring Westhoughton to a grinding halt!


  1. Knew that was coming it’s all about money under the table no matter what the people of westhoughton say councillors who don’t even live in westhoughton always have the last say this town is already full of westhoughton immigrants ! White ones soon there won’t be any land left the days are gone of the once green fields around westhoughton … What’s the names of the people on Bolton council who’s destroying this town ?

  2. Bolton Councillors destroyed Bolton Town Centre were no one goes now, then this building of 1000 houses with Golf Course no thoughts about the locals being in total grid lock, Doctors Surgery’s cannot cope with influx same for the Schools. Which Schools did these so called councillors go too, as they have no common sense no idea what people needs are, they just put their heads in sand if people complain and hope the troubles go away. Do the right thing please, all of the Councillors resign please for the sake of the PEOPLE.

  3. Where are the minds of these selfish,shortsighted developers? It .might sound “NIMBY”, but would they want such a development of this size in an already overcrowded area where they live? Cheauerbent roundabout is already a nightmare. I am disgusted with Bolton council for letting this horror go through.

  4. What NUTMEGS Bolton planning department are, already destroyed Bolton Town Centre, Bus Station and Market, In my mind how many of these people live around Westhoughton ? If they did they would know the problems we have with Gridlock now, where are the Doctors, Schools and Infrastructure, If these whom plan these stupide proposals what a 1000 house let them have them on their doorstep, of course they don’t want that do they NO. answer to those people just look for a job that would suit your intelligence. I let have your thoughts on that one.

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