3 questions about Westhoughton Market’s future – and how Bolton Council replied

Westhoughton Market
Westhoughton Market

The future of Westhoughton Market has been called into question after it emerged that Bolton Council will not invest in its future.

One trader has revealed his ambitions to buy the market and turn it into a private venture, a plan which the council is considering.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson has asked Bolton Council a series of pressing questions to clarify the market’s future. Here’s what they said.

What are the council’s proposals for the future of the market? Will there be investment in the market by the council?

“There is no planned  investment by the council beyond essential maintenance of the structure. The building now requires a significant investment in it.”

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Given that there was some £4 to 5 million spent on Bolton Market and the council’s poor track record with regard to Horwich and Farnworth markets, which have both been demolished and sold, will there be a future for Westhoughton market under the council’s control?

“With the level of investment needed and the current budget cuts council wide, this sale will give a more secure future for the market operation in this building.  The building will continue to trade as a private market place with the interested buyer.”

If there is to be a sale of the market will those proposals be made public so the public of Westhoughton can be made aware of what is taking place before the disposal of this important public asset in the town centre?

“The offer on the table from this developer has already been made public and reported in the press. Traders have been consulted also. Further reporting will of course take place in the manner that property disposals are reported.”

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  1. Rather than stir up trouble and make problems where there are none. Why not speak to traders. Even speak to Brad and ask his intentions, instead it goes out to 90% of people who all have opinions however they dont even support the market.

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