5 reasons Aldi will be good for Westhoughton

How the new Aldi could look
How the new Aldi could look

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A decision will be made about the plans for a new Aldi supermarket in Westhoughton shortly.

The plans to develop the former Glebe Mill site, off Library Street, will go before Bolton Council’s planning committee on 13 March.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson says he supports the plans for five key reasons:

  1. The store will create new jobs for local people
  2. Shoppers will have more choice
  3. Shoppers will not have to travel to other towns, keeping them in Westhoughton
  4. It is a good use of a derelict town centre site
  5. Other town centre businesses may benefit from increased footfall on Market Street

A recent MyWesthoughton survey of more than 750 Westhoughton residents found that 82% of people support the plans.

David said: “I supported Saisbury’s and Lidl because I believe it gives local people more choice. For too many years people have had to drive to other towns, and others who don’t drive have been limited. Aldi will expand that choice, create vital new jobs and is a good use of this derelict site.”

David is, however, concerned that Bolton Council agreed that Bolton Road car park could be sold to Aldi weeks before any plans were considered by the council. “It gives the impression that the council has already made up its mind,” he said.

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