Aldi ‘finalising’ contracts to open Westhoughton store

How Aldi in Westhoughton will look
How Aldi will look

After months of delays by Bolton Council, we are told they are now “finalising” contracts with Aldi which will allow the supermarket to be built off Bolton Road.

The plans were given permission last year but nothing has happened since.

Are you looking forward to it opening? Share your views below.

The store

Aldi stores usually open between 8am and 10pm Monday to Saturday and between 10am and 4pm on Sundays.

The new Aldi food store will include:

  • 99 car parking spaces for the foodstore, including; 6 accessible spaces, 5 staff spaces and 9 Parent and Child Spaces
  • Free car parking for up to 90 minutes
  • Vehicular access achieved via Bolton Road
  • Up to 40 full and part time jobs for local people
  • Landscaping to enhance the appearance of the site

The supermarket said: “Aldi is keen to transform this underutilised site by introducing a contemporary, high-quality development to the area.”

The site looking toward Bolton Road
The site looking toward Bolton Road

Car parking changes

The development will include two car parks. The existing council-operated and free car park will be moved from the eastern part of the site to the west and will be accessed via Library Street which will be resurfaced as part of this scheme. The new car park will provide 76 car parking spaces – more than the current council car park. The existing car park will be redeveloped as part of the Aldi store and will provide 99 customer car parking spaces. Customer access will be retained from Bolton Road.


  1. Its all very well letting the super stores fly up everywhere but the poor shops on market Street will vanish to get more rubbish takeaway shops and hair dressers a town run by clueless ass holes !

  2. I’m looking forward to Aldi coming to Westhoughton. A great use of derilect land instead of car sales etc. This I don’t believe will affect Market st shops. Agreed we don’t need anymore takeaways.
    Westhoughton definitely does not need anymore houses to be built, we do not have the infrastructure to cope. A note to Mr Green MP, we don’t want the infrastructure either, we just don’t need or want anymore houses!

  3. So access to the relocated and enlarged free car park is to be via Library Street, a narrow road which joins Market Street close to the unidirectional traffic light control at the Bolton Road/Park Road junction. I just hope there will be some traffic control measures (e.g. yellow box road markings or relocating the existing traffic lights) at the Market Street junction with Library Street.

  4. About time, a new Aldi will be good for the town. Only hope it is a bigger store than Lidl which never stocks the full range of goods found in larger stores and very often has empty shelves at peak shopping times i.e. Saturday afternoon.

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