Arthur Price litter picks Dicconson Lane

Arthur Price on Dicconson Lane
Arthur Price on Dicconson Lane
Arthur Price on Dicconson Lane
Arthur Price on Dicconson Lane

Former Westhoughton mayor Arthur Price has carried out a litter pick on Dicconson Lane and Chorley Road today.

Councillor Price, who is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Westhoughton North ward in this year’s May elections, said: “Eight bags and 90 minutes later and I can honestly say what was collected didn’t even touch the sides.

“Myself and Councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon have litter picked this area several times and once our litter picking group can start back up again (post covid) we will be back with the whole group of volunteers.”


  1. Please let me know when you are able to use volunteers as I am willing to help, the Westhoughton area has become like a land fill site since lockdown. Why are the council street cleaners not attending to the car park at the rear of the library it is almost knee deep in rubbish?

    1. We’d love you to be involved Paul once we’re all able to meet again. We’ll be sure to promote future litter picks on our Facebook pages.

  2. as you will be aware of litter to be aware of the most observed area in westhoughton is the footpath walking down to motorway at chequerbent were litter bins do not exist. do all this litter come from litter firm being blown over? nothing ever is looked upon no matter how many times i ask to be looked in to.

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