Bolton Council gives £300,000 grant to law firm – but cuts children’s services and lollipop patrols

Cliff Morris gave £300,000 to failed solicitors Asons whilst threatening to cut lollil

Bolton Council has secretly awarded a £300,000 grant to a law firm to help them move into new offices whilst announcing cuts to children’s services and lollipop crossing patrols.

At a secret meeting Labour leader Cliff Morris gave approval for the huge sum of money to be given to Asons solicitors, based in Bolton town centre, despite the cash-strapped council making huge cuts to public services.

Imran Akram, the chief executive of Asons, has openly bragged on Twitter about buying his “sixth Lamborghini in four years” despite his company being awarded with the massive council grant.

Akram brags about his Lamborghini purchase
Akram brags about his Lamborghini purchase

Akram has previously been photographed at parties with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and London mayor Sadiq Khan.

Asons CEO Akram parties with Labour's Cliff Morris, Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan
Asons CEO Akram parties with Labour’s Cliff Morris, Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson reacted angrily to the news about the grant. “It is absolutely disgraceful that the Labour council is throwing money at this company whilst slashing services that help to keep our children safe.

“If this Labour council has any morals it will get the money back and apologise for their seriously bad judgment.”

Should Cliff Morris resign? Should the money be returned? We want your views

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