Bolton Council keeps Westhoughton residents in dark over housing plans

Collingwood Way house plans
Collingwood Way house plans

Bolton Council has been accused of keeping Westhoughton residents in the dark over looming threats of new housing.

When the application for 129 houses off Collingwood Way was submitted by Bellway many residents who live in the area were not notified by Bolton Council. In fact only 18 houses were sent a letter to inform them of the application.

Councillor David Wilkinson asked Bolton Council to send out more letters and to also to hold a public meeting to allow residents to be informed of the proposals of this large application.

Several weeks later Bolton Council replied. The answer was no.

The council claims that enough people had been informed and that a public meeting was not a good way of talking to people!

David Wilkinson said: “Local resident have had to take action into their own hands by delivering leaflets and holding their own packed public meeting in the Carnegie Hall. Yet developers can pop into Bolton Town Hall and have a pre-application chat with planners. It sometimes looks like the system is stacked against local residents in Westhoughton.”

Say no the plans for 129 houses off Collingwood Way

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