Bolton Council refuses to resurface Snydale Close – but installs 20mph zone

Bolton Council has refused to resurface badly neglected Snydale Close but will instead spend money on making it a 20mph zone.

The Labour-run council is splashing the cash on a 20mph sign for the new speed restriction on the cul-de-sac – but says the road can’t be resurfaced.

It comes despite numerous complaints from residents and town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon (pictured).

Snydale Close
Snydale Close

Bernadette said: “This just shows how little the council cares about our residents. The road is in an absolute state.”

The council told us: “At present Snydale Close isn’t on the current resurfacing programme. With the limited budgets we are working to it is not possible to predict when it will be due to be resurfaced but in the meantime it is regularly inspected and any actionable defects will be repaired. I’m sorry I can’t be more positive at the moment.”


  1. What benefit would a 20mph be…the road needs doing…suggest cars drivers put claims in for damage to cars totally wrong. Plus it’s dangerous for elderly to walk on..

  2. The council won’t spend money on this road because there spending money on the council estates roads instead … Yep who’d of thought that would of happened .. Also they need to keep some thousands back for there own pockets new TVs and such like Nothing new there

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