Bolton Council says yes to new Westhoughton bypass – funded by 3,000 new houses

Hulton Estate

Bolton Council has given approval for a new Westhoughton by-pass – with the caveat that it will be funded by developers who want to build thousands of new houses across the town.

Residents are dismayed that while their calls for a new bypass are being heard, the fact that it would be funded by new mass developments will defeat the very purposes of the major road by flooding our area with even more traffic.

The Labour-run council’s cabinet members agreed to the proposal in principle but they don’t know how much it will cost and what route it will take although it is expected to pass nearby or through an area where some 3,000 houses are being considered by Peel Holdings and Persimmon Homes.

If developers pay for the road it would be likely that the 3,000 houses for the east side of Westhoughton will get the nod even before any planning applications have been submitted.

There is going to be a planning appeal for 300 houses by Persimmon Homes on the northern part of the Lee Hall site in April.


  1. Building this new bypass sill would not achieve anything all traffic is still heading in the same direction It still hits traffic lights on the A6 which are timed just the same so the traffic would still back up even further back yet another rubbish idea by people sitting behind a desk an not a clue of what the long term reaction would be its all about back handed money under the table Thousands of new houses will destroy this town not enough schools not enough doctors or dentist water supply and electricity well hence plans for new substation on A6 people are not stupid these days no wool can be pulled over are eyes everything is all lies this problem needs more exposure to the westhoughton public get some signs put up all over the place to sign a petition … As for road repair the rubbish job done down at the bottom end of Daisy hill is shit blobs of tarmac stuck in holes no wonder it only lasts a few weeks whos done that gypsys it not been cut out square and edge sealed total shit work who’s the idiots signing the shit work off needs sacking WAIST of money yet again I also saw a road sweeper today amazing sight !!!. Didn’t do all the streets though more poor staff not checking on work no rubbish bins so people just throw it on the floor I used to pick it up off the street in front of are house but not now are bins to small yet another crackpot idea fly tipping all over the place instead of dog shit fines a litter fine should be imposed here there is more litter than dog shit and the people who pick dog shit up in there little bags get out of sight and throw the bags up a tree or under it rain washes it away litter is all over .ok the community service lads pick it up now and again it doesn’t stop people throwing it on the floor this town needs a good shake up with its council leaders there ALL a waist of time what happened with the two lib Dems who got voted in to save westhoughton they’ve vanished !!!!! A lot of lies yet again everywhere you look it’s poor council work or poor subcontractors work but before they pay out the jobs should be checked first if someone did a shit job in your house they would not get paid .. so total surmise of westhoughton s future is dead !!!.

  2. Hear hear John…Bolton council ie..Morris and co do not give a Toss about Westhoughton..Not a lot of Our Council tax spent here on Infrastructure if any!…They are only interested when such as Peel want to Build thousands of houses which we Do Not Want!…They on the other hand can only see ££££ signs in the form of Brown envelopes and Council tax for their coffers in Bolton not here in Westhoughton!..As for this Bypass that should have been done many years ago as promised by Labour!..Now they are including it in this Project to try and make out Peel are willing to build it as a Good gesture!..Well sorry This is not good enough!..As you stated we are Not fools!..Morris and Co You are going to feel the Wrath of the Public here in Westhoughton if this scheme gets the go ahead!…

  3. What has happened to the New Aldi store for westhoughton . More new houses in westhoughton will be devastating and will be chaotic in every way Also we need a filter light put on the traffic light on cricketers way to turn into gee tees and other shops qeaues a mile long to turn in especially weekends to turn into the square

  4. Wind it in, if you think they are going to build thousands of new houses without enough water supply and electricity, your a complete idiot. Wake up, this will be a great project for Westhoughton, and the road infrastructure can be adjusted and modernised to resolve the traffic issues. Move on with your boring life and leave then too it.

  5. Well tomo, next time your sitting in traffic in the town, please have a flash back on what you’ve posted,(you my just think !!!! gosh these people are right it what they say)

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