Bolton Council sell off Market Street buildings – but not a penny for Westhoughton

110 and 112 Market Street
110 and 112 Market Street

Bolton Council is in the process of selling off the historic buildings that are 110 and 112 Market Street – but there are fears that not a penny from the sale will be invested in Westhoughton.

Cliff Morris’s Labour-run council decided in secret that the buildings would be sold off. An auction will take place on February 23.

But Westhoughton Liberal Democrats want to see the money made from the sale spent on Westhoughton.

Town councillor David Wilkinson said: “It just seems wrong that the council should sell off these historic buildings, then they can spend millions of pounds of vanity projects in Bolton town centre, while Westhoughton never sees a penny of investment.

“We also asked the council to publicise the fact that they are in a conservation area and that any buyer should respect the fact they are near to the cenotaph. Did they include this in the sale advert? No, of course not.”

To send a strong message to Cliff Morris that we don’t want him ruining our town, vote Rebekah Fairhurst in Daisy Hill and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon in Wingates on Thursday 23 February.

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  1. We need to get rid of morris and his cronies, why do i pay extra council tax but instead of seeing a benefit we get less than central bokton ? I always vote yellow and will continue to do so

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