Westhoughton land sold as Bolton Council funds £6.5m Bolton office block

Bolton Central
Bolton Central

Bolton Council is selling off land and property across Westhoughton, whilst funding a new £6.5million office block in Bolton.

The multi-million pound office block was later taken by the University of Bolton.

Meanwhile, the Labour-run council is planning to sell:

  • Westhoughton Clinic
  • 110 Market Street
  • Westhoughton Market
  • Former council yard off Park Road

The mass sell-off has sparked fears that Labour are asset-stripping Westhoughton to fund Bolton town centre improvements.

The council has also allowed the Mill Street car to sit empty for over 16 years when Westhoughton needs more car parking.

The council allowed the eyesore Gaiety site on Market Street to sit derelict for 20 years – and for the past 4 years as a rubble covered site.

Labour also scrapped business support grants for Westhoughton Town centre but kept them for Bolton town centre.

Wingates campaigner Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon said: “It is about time we put Westhoughton first. We’ve ended up with a town centre site destined for houses rather than shops, a car park that is sitting empty and a health centre that is not big enough for our growing town.”

Daisy Hill campaigner Rebekah Fairhurst added: “Labour councillors in Westhoughton have neglected the town. It’s time we had a town council run by the people, for the people.”

This Thursday vote for Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon and Rebekah Fairhurst in the Wingates and Daisy Hill by-elections. Polls are open 7am until 10pm.

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