Bolton Council spends £2million on firm 200 MILES AWAY to give you a ‘slim bin’

David Wilkinson opposes the slim bins
David Wilkinson opposes the slim bins

Bolton Council’s unwanted £2million bin replacement scheme – in which residents’ household waste bins are being swapped for smaller versions – is being carried out by a firm based in… Great Yarmouth!

Jett Distribution, located more than 200 miles away from Bolton, is being brought in to remove and replace the 140 litre bins with so-called “slim bins”, which are hated by many families who are struggling to deal with their waste.

Homes in Westhoughton from Wigan Road all the way to the boundary with Wigan will get the new bins on Monday.

Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson said: “It’s laughable that Bolton Council needs a specialist company hundreds of miles away to remove our bins and replace them with new ones at a cost of up to £2million while Labour councillors close down our children’s centres.”

Say NO to the unwanted £2million slim bins

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A Bolton Council spokesman said: “The purchase of the 140 litre bins along with the removal and distribution was put out to tender and the tender was awarded to Creamer for the purchase of the bins and they subcontracted the removal of the old bins and the distribution of the new bins to Jett Distribution in Great Yarmouth.

“There are only a limited number of companies in the country that are set up to carry out exchanges of this size and scale and Jett are a leading company in this field. A great deal of training and work goes into making a operation of this size a success and it was therefore vital that an experienced company with a good track record worked on the project.”

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