Bolton third most struggling town in UK

Bolton town centre
Bolton town centre

Bolton is the third most struggling town in Britain, it has been revealed today.

New research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation shames Bolton Council’s record.

Employment rates, the numbers of highly qualified workers, types of jobs and migration rates were all taken into account.

Bolton is third on the list of 20 most struggling town and cities, just behind Rochdale and Burnley.

Labour councillors claim it is all going well for towns like Westhoughton, but today’s news reveals the stark reality.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “Labour keep telling us all how well we are doing. Next joke please! We deserve better than this.”

David and his Liberal Democrat colleagues urged the council to partner with the University of Bolton and invest in new industries to create jobs across the town. But the plan was crushed by Labour councillors.

David added: “Labour have missed a brilliant opportunity to create more jobs for local people.”

Top 12 struggling towns/cities in the UK

1. Rochdale

2. Burnley

3. Bolton

4. Blackburn

5. Hull

6. Grimsby

7. Dundee

8. Middlesbrough

9. Bradford

10. Blackpool

11. Stoke

12. Wigan

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