Bridge repairs and new lift at Daisy Hill railway station

Councillor Neil Maher at Daisy Hill railway station
Councillor Neil Maher at Daisy Hill railway station
Councillor Neil Maher at Daisy Hill railway station

Bridge repairs will be carried out at Daisy Hill railway station as early as this Spring, Bolton Council has announced.

The bridge on Leigh Road needs to be repaired because of its age but the work will lead to the closure of the road.

The station will also have a new lift installed after a long-running campaign by your Liberal Democrat councillors.

Town councillor Neil Maher, who is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Westhoughton South in the May 2021 elections, said: “It is great news that we will finally be getting a lift at the station which has been inaccessible for many people. This is something that our team has been campaigning for.”

Design and procurement work for the lift will begin in the coming weeks.


  1. It is welcome news that the bridge repair is carried out but I have reservations about a lift. Yes, something needs to be done about accessibility but in the present climate of mindless vandalism and police cuts how often do you imagine it will be broken. It would be far better to build an accessible walkway which would allow mums with prams and wheelchair users to have access to the station. Or will we see a ramp too??

  2. The closure of Leigh Road will be a welcome relief from the excessive traffic using it. No more 50-60 mph drivers along Lower Leigh Road for a while and a reduction of traffic up Leigh Road. One day maybe one day we will finally see a bypass built so that traffic along Leigh Road really will be minimal. I agree, an accessible ramp seems a more desirable option

  3. While the work at Daisy hill is going on,how about installing some public toilets.Many other stations have this facility.

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