Calls for repairs to Daisy Hall Drive and France Street junction

Daisy Hall Drive
Daisy Hall Drive

Pothole repairs need to be carried out at the junction of Daisy Hall Drive and France Street, in Daisy Hill.

Daisy Hill town councillor Rebekah Fairhurst is calling for Bolton Council to carry out the repair job.

She said: “The junction is in a right mess. It wouldn’t take the council long to patch up this whole section and it would be a big improvement for motorists who use this junction.”


  1. That’s been knackered for years an years ! Hopefully that will get repaired properly not the usual blog patch rubbish that’s knocking about the conker blob boys have been in are Street an not even cutting it square just dump some tarmac in its not even flat !! there are what looks to be two gangs doing the work a gang of pros and a gang of gypsy

  2. Nope ! Just had a look at the new lol resurface of south field drive an yep it’s poor so there are NO ! Skilled tarmac gangs it looks ok from a distance but all !! The man hole and drain covers are not raised look like piss holes in the snow there all at the original level…. Willkinson it’s rubbish go sort the job out take some pictures..

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