Can CCTV solve YarnBombing theft mystery?

Westhoughton's YarnBombing festival
Westhoughton's YarnBombing festival

Craft work displayed on a Market Street bench during the recent successful YarnBombing festival is thought to have been stolen by thieves.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson has asked for the town’s CCTV cameras to be looked at to see whether they offer any clues.

He said: “It is a bloody disgrace that people make a fantastic effort to do something for the town and a few mindless idiots spoil it.”

It is understood that it is unlikely that the CCTV had managed to capture the incident.

People who attended the two-day festival were left outraged by the apparent theft.

Resident James Partington, whose mother was involved in the festival, said: “My mum made loads of things and helped put some yarn and bunting up on Friday afternoon. I wouldn’t mind but these lovely people donate them to charity.”

Several people pointed to drinkers who had visited some of the town centre pubs that night.

In a Facebook post, The Wheatsheaf pub responded to the claims: “We fully support the local community and completely condone the actions that these people have taken. We have CCTV on the front of the building so may have caught some of it. We will certainly look at this and hand any footage over to the police willingly.

“Obviously it would be better if the people involved could have the guts to apologise and return the items.”


  1. Thank you all for the support you gave us . It’s a shame that a small minority have to spoil what was a successful weekend, My ladies from the Rainbow Craft Group who headed the Festival worked so hard for the last six months to have enough Items to display for the pleasure of the community. local community groups, Churches, Schools Toddler groups , Mc Donalds just to name a few also did an amazing job, sadly some of their items got vandalised and stolen , Having said all that we will not let them win we will continue with the Festival Net Year and hopefully more people will get on board to make Westhoughton Bright and cheerful and bring a smile to everyone who attends. We have a Wonderful community and a lovely place to live shame these idiots don’t appreciate nice things happening to the town. A young Couple was seen carrying the Blanket that was displayed on A H Morris window it was obviously targeted as the cable ties we used were cut with scissors or something else. also a cushion which belonged to St James School was another item they were seen to be carrying. They made their way down Mill street then cross Cricketers way and on to the Council Estate. Someone somewhere knows this couple. Name and shame them would be a decent thing to do. I spoke with the Landlady from the Wheatsheaf Pub who was very helpful and made it known to a couple of her Customers she did not find it funny when they waked into the pub with some items which she asked them to hand over she has since given them to me. A big thank you to all involved here’s hoping for a bigger and better Festival Next Year.

    1. Hi Linda, it is lovely to hear your enthusiasm despite the setback. It was clearly a very successful event overall and we look forward to next year! Keep in touch with us about your plans so that we can help to promote it to all of our followers. Best wishes, David Wilkinson

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