Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon on Taywood Road

Victory! Taywood Road is finally to be resurfaced

Hunger Hill’s Taywood Road will finally be resurfaced by Bolton Council.

The roadworks will take place after a long campaign by residents and town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon.

Bernadette said: “I am delighted that the council has finally listened to residents. We have been putting pressure on them for sometime now to get this road sorted because it’s in an absolute mess.”

In a letter to residents, Bolton Council said: “We are writing to inform you that carriageway reconstruction work on Taywood Road (15 Taywood Road – Winslow Road) is due to start week commencing 19th November. The works will take approximately three weeks to complete, weather permitting. As part of these works Hillside Close will also be resurfaced.”

Due to the nature of the works it will be necessary to close the road during the works. A fully signed diversion route will be in place. Details of the diversion plans can be viewed online at

Pedestrian access to properties will be maintained, however vehicle access will be restricted. During the works residents are being asked to keep Taywood Road and Hillside Close clear of vehicles during the working day to enable the works to be undertaken. The contractor undertaking the works will advise residents nearer the time.

If your waste or recycling bins are due to be emptied during road or resurfacing works please present them at the nearest accessible point if vehicle access is prohibited e.g. at the start or end of the roadworks. This will ensure that your bins can be emptied on the usual collection day.

Proposed Wingates logistics site

Wingates logistics estate is unveiled

Plans for a huge logistics site on green fields in Wingates have now been submitted to Bolton Council for a decision.

Development company Harworth, which is a subsidiary of Peel, the company behind the 1,000 houses and golf course approved at Hulton Estate, plans to build on land between the existing industrial estate and Dicconson Lane.

Wingates town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon said: “We believe if this application is given approval then other applications will come in from developers for the rest of the green belt sites and farms in the Wingates, Four Gates and Dicconson Lane areas.”

The entrance would be from Whimberry Hill on the A6. The site goes along the A6 from the current industrial estate towards Four Gates and behind the ATS tyre centre.

The proposed site would be 33 hectares. There would be one very large warehouse, five others and three smaller units for industrial or logistics use. There is a possibility of a food outlet on the site.

Developers claim the site would create 1,500 jobs. They also say there will be “minimal” problems from the extra traffic but they will carry out some works including painting white lines at the junctions along the A6 at Dicconson Lane, Whimberry Hill, Church Street and Bolton Road.

The proposed units have been moved away from the original planned location near Chorley Road and they have been reduced in height to lessen the visual impact of the buildings.

If you have any views, either for or against, you can register your comments with Bolton Council either in writing or via the website. Use planning application number 04766/18 when make your views heard.

Hartley's Farm development at Wingates Lane

Bitter blow to Wingates as inspector approves Hartley’s Farm plans

Plans for 58 houses at Hartley’s Farm have been granted permission thanks to hated Tory planning rules.

A planning inspector has decided to approve the development off Wingates Lane just before the motorway.

Wingates town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon said: “The very poor road conditions on Church Lane and Wingates Lane and the loss of another large area of open green space was not enough to persuade the inspector to listen to the concerns of local residents.”

“I’m really angry about this decision. It completely disregards everything we have been warning about for months.”

Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon on Wingates Lane
Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon on Wingates Lane

The developer will provide no new facilities to cope with the pressure of a growing population in Wingates.

The decision was based on the fact that Bolton Council does not have enough land allocated to meet the Government’s requirements for a five year supply.

However, there are thousands of plots across the country with planning permission which have not yet been developed which would meet that target.

Even with every planning permission granted under the rules from the Tory Government it means the five year supply is never met and developers can keep land banking sites and not build a single house.

Thanks to these rules from the Tory Government not a single field in Westhoughton is safe from development – possibly opening up the prospect of up to 10,000 new houses across the town.

Exposed: Westhoughton’s fake profiles that spread daily abuse

Fake profiles pretending to be Westhoughton residents have been set up to spread online abuse by trolls backed by Labour and Conservative activists.

The profiles have been set up to harass Liberal Democrat councillors who have recently won a string of local elections in Westhoughton.

The accounts have been promoted or interacted with by pages including “My Westhoughton’s Blocked Resident’s”, the Conservative-run “Westhoughton Life” and the anti-Lib Dem page “Our Westhoughton”.

The screenshots below show how trolls stole images from media websites and used them to create fake accounts pretending to be Westhoughton residents.

Online abuse

Westhoughton South ward councillor David Wilkinson said: “We do not tolerate online abuse like this and we are taking this issue very seriously.”

Councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon added: “My colleagues and I give up our time all the year round to represent Westhoughton residents. It’s clear that these trolls feel threatened by us but whether you agree with our politics or not, we should not have to tolerate daily harassment.”

Anyone found to be sharing, commenting, liking or otherwise encouraging abusive posts from these pages will be removed from My Westhoughton.

Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon and David Wilkinson

David and Bernadette launch Westhoughton ‘6 to Fix’ campaign

David Wilkinson and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon are our two candidates hoping to win the local elections for Westhoughton.

Together they have launched their ‘6 to Fix’ campaign and would love to have your support in the local elections on Thursday 3 May.

1. Fix our roads

David and Bernadette want more money spent on Westhoughton’s crumbling roads. They say it isn’t right that millions have been spent on Bolton town centre while our residents have been left with nothing but potholes.

2. Fight greedy developers

Westhoughton is under siege from greedy housing developers who don’t care about our crumbling infrastructure. Plans for more than 4,000 houses have been suggested after Labour town hall bosses asked developers to suggest sites. David and Bernadette are opposed to the over-development of our town and are not afraid of speaking up against developers!

3. Support our town centre

A Labour councillor outraged residents when she said anyone who thought new businesses would want to open in Westhoughton was “living in cloud cuckoo land’. David and Bernadette are passionate about our town centre and fighting for independent businesses.

4. Elect a local voice

David and Bernadette both live local and shop local. They love Westhoughton. Labour councillors here just answer to their bosses in Bolton town hall and none of the Tory councillors live in the town. David and Bernadette will stand up for our town and be the strong voice it needs!

5. Fight for a fair deal

Labour has a £1 billion plan for Bolton town centre but gave only £50,000 to improve Westhoughton town centre over two years. David and Bernadette are fighting for a fair deal for our town centre.

6. Get tough on crime

Labour’s town council leader claimed there was ‘not a massive crime wave’ while Tory MP Chris Green dismissed the issue by saying we have more police than other areas. David and Bernadette are fighting for our axed police officers to be brought back – and 1,500 residents have backed the campaign.

If you live in Westhoughton North and Chew Moor, you can vote for Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon. If you live in Westhoughton South, including Daisy Hill and Hart Common, then you can vote for David Wilkinson on Thursday 3 May.

The Wheatsheaf

New wine bar and Wheatsheaf pub revamp announced

Plans for a new wine bar on Market Street have been approved by Westhoughton town councillors.

It comes as a separate plan to revamp the now close Wheatsheaf pub has been announced by pub chain Amber Taverns.

The wine bar will open in a small courtyard next to The Wheatsheaf, while the pub itself will remain closed for several months.

If Amber Taverns receive permission for their plans, the pub will be extended and a larger outdoor area will be created.

Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson said: “This new wine bar could make for a great new addition to Westhoughton’s vibrant town centre. It’s great to see so many brilliant independent businesses.”


The ugly face of Westhoughton Labour is finally unmasked

An ugly side to Westhoughton Labour has emerged this week after one of their councillors launched a personal attack on local campaigner David Wilkinson, branding him a “donkey”.

In another attack, a social media page that often supports Labour posted a picture of David wearing an eye patch to mock him.

The childish attacks have been criticised by Westhoughton residents. When one asked whether they thought it was appropriate, they responded: “Very appropriate.”

The picture was later removed after the backlash for residents.

One resident told us: “It’s disgusting hopefully it will get you more votes! Pathetic and childish.”

David responded: “We haven’t got time for this. I am out and about every day meeting Westhoughton residents and listening to their concerns. Sadly we’ve now come to expect these sorts of things from Labour.”

Shop Smart

Westhoughton families needed for new TV show

Westhoughton families are needed for a new TV show about saving money but still enjoying life’s luxuries.

The programme will be presented by familiar household names, the Leeds-based production company True North has said.

The show is all about saving money but still enjoying lives’ luxuries. It will be filled with tips and tricks for shopping in your supermarket, on your high street and even your best deals online. It will air on a weekday evening for four weeks in June.

A spokesman for True North told us: “We are looking for families to take part in different parts of the program such as meeting experts, testing out products and seeing how well you budget your weekly shop.

“We are looking for families preferably with children, but we would love to hear from anyone who is interested.”

To apply e-mail

Hulton Estate

1,000 houses at Hulton Estate recommended for APPROVAL

Bolton Council’s planning team is recommending APPROVAL for almost 1,000 luxury houses and a Ryder golf course at Hulton Estate, with the bulk of the traffic heading for the Chequerbent roundabout, with secondary access off the A6.

Town councillors David Wilkinson and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon are strongly opposed to this smash-and-grab plan from one of the richest developers in the country. It’s all about money – and will bring Westhoughton to a grinding halt!

Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon on Wingates Lane

Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon opposes Wingates Lane development

Plans for 58 houses at Hartley’s Farm, off Wingates Lane, must be thrown out again, town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon has said.

Last year the Wingates councillor teamed up with residents to fight against the application and the plans were rejected.

The applicant has appealed but instead of waiting for the decision by the Planning Inspector, they have submitted the plans to the council once again.

Bernadette and residents are working together once again in a bid to stop the new planning application.

She said: “I can’t believe the developers had the audacity to submit another planning application.

“The proposed access onto Wingates Lane is totally unsuitable. It is a narrow road with traffic problems already. This would cause even more issues and would also add pressure on the infrastructure of the town for doctors and school places.

“I am supporting residents in the fight against this development which would inevitably lead to the opening up of the area of land off the A6 and between the motorway for a possible 1,000 houses.”

Westhoughton Labour chief dismisses crime fears saying ‘it is not the Bronx’

Labour’s town council leader used a recent meeting to declare that there is “no massive crime wave” in Westhoughton and that “it is not the Bronx”.

The comment is likely to raise eyebrows with residents following recent reports of armed robberies and thieves breaking into family homes.

Concerned residents will also be alarmed to learn that a Tory councillor tried to scrap Westhoughton’s vital town centre cameras.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Westhoughton campaigners Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon and David Wilkinson have put crime at the top of the agenda. Now, with the support of our White Horse by-election candidate Deirdre McGeown, there is a fresh voice for our town.

Residents have been able to quickly alert their neighbours to criminal activity through our popular Facebook page My Westhoughton, while the team are campaigning for Westhoughton’s policing numbers to be restored. If you agree, add your name to the campaign.

Tory councillor’s bid to scrap Westhoughton CCTV cameras

A Tory plan to scrap Westhoughton’s town centre CCTV cameras was thwarted.

The seven cameras, which cover Market Street and Pavillion Square, cost Westhoughton Town Council just £6,568 per year. Police have said that the cameras have provided crucial evidence in a number of cases.

The reckless plan to scrap the cameras was suggested by a Tory councillor who has now quit his role on the town council after toxic infighting in the local Conservative party. A by-election is being held in the White Horse ward on Thursday 8 March.

It comes as Bolton West Tory MP Chris Green has failed to challenge his boss Theresa May over the loss of 2,000 police officers across Greater Manchester.

Westhoughton has seen its policing team reduced by half. It is clear that the Tories are out of touch with crime issues in Westhoughton.

White Horse by-election candidate Deirdre McGeown said: “I’m concerned about the crime situation in Westhoughton but annoyed that the people who represent us don’t seem to be listening. Labour’s town council leader has dismissed the crime issue and the Tories wanted to scrap our vital town centre CCTV. They are both out of touch.

“I’ve been really impressed by the work already done by my fellow campaigners Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon and David Wilkinson and I would like to think that I can give residents like you and I a stronger voice on the town council.”