You only have until 16 January 2017 to submit your views

Future housing sites in Westhoughton – have your say

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

Council chiefs across Greater Manchester have urged house builders to find more green fields to build on. The sites have been submitted to the draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

How does it affect Westhoughton?

Bolton Council’s Labour chief Cliff Morris was involved in calls for developers to submit plans for more houses in Westhoughton.

Why is it so controversial?

Labour accused Westhoughton Liberal Democrats of LYING before the May local elections when we revealed their plans.

Now the plans are coming into reality. They include thousands of new houses across multiple sites and even a new mega industrial estate off the A6.

Why should we be concerned?

The threat of thousands of new houses is a real one. Westhoughton’s roads could not cope with all the extra traffic and developers aren’t prepared to build new doctors or schools.

When does the consultation end?

It closes on January 16 at midnight.

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