‘Cut walkway grass or I’ll do it myself’

Gorsey Hey walkway
Before... Gorsey Hey walkway

A walkway in Westhoughton has become so overgrown that a councillor has said he will cut it back himself if the council does not act quickly.

The walkway between Gorsey Hey and Oxlea Grove and The Crescent has been neglected by Bolton Council for weeks.

Councillor David Wilkinson has asked for urgent action to get the overgrowth cut back, but was initially warned that there might be a delay to completing the work.

He has since been promised by Bolton Council that they will carry out the work “without delay”.

David said: “The walkway looks a mess and it is restricting people’s ability to get down there, especially with a buggy.

“If it isn’t done soon, I will go and do it myself.”


  1. There are many more walkways around wedthoughton that are overgrown and neglected.
    The one from osprey avenue is awful and often littered with dog poo!!!

    1. Hi Elaine, thanks for letting us know about that one. We will take a look and see what we can get done.

  2. its not just walkways, the quality of the ground work is rubbish lately. i went and cut back all the grass edges on my street and filled 2 green wheelie bins, which the council now won’t empty as they are too heavy………its just great.

    1. Well done Rob for taking the initiative. We totally agree with you that it is a shame the way the council treats these issues nowadays. We will keep campaigning for these walkways to be cleared up.

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