David and Bernadette launch Westhoughton ‘6 to Fix’ campaign

Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon and David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon are our two candidates hoping to win the local elections for Westhoughton.

Together they have launched their ‘6 to Fix’ campaign and would love to have your support in the local elections on Thursday 3 May.

1. Fix our roads

David and Bernadette want more money spent on Westhoughton’s crumbling roads. They say it isn’t right that millions have been spent on Bolton town centre while our residents have been left with nothing but potholes.

2. Fight greedy developers

Westhoughton is under siege from greedy housing developers who don’t care about our crumbling infrastructure. Plans for more than 4,000 houses have been suggested after Labour town hall bosses asked developers to suggest sites. David and Bernadette are opposed to the over-development of our town and are not afraid of speaking up against developers!

3. Support our town centre

A Labour councillor outraged residents when she said anyone who thought new businesses would want to open in Westhoughton was “living in cloud cuckoo land’. David and Bernadette are passionate about our town centre and fighting for independent businesses.

4. Elect a local voice

David and Bernadette both live local and shop local. They love Westhoughton. Labour councillors here just answer to their bosses in Bolton town hall and none of the Tory councillors live in the town. David and Bernadette will stand up for our town and be the strong voice it needs!

5. Fight for a fair deal

Labour has a £1 billion plan for Bolton town centre but gave only £50,000 to improve Westhoughton town centre over two years. David and Bernadette are fighting for a fair deal for our town centre.

6. Get tough on crime

Labour’s town council leader claimed there was ‘not a massive crime wave’ while Tory MP Chris Green dismissed the issue by saying we have more police than other areas. David and Bernadette are fighting for our axed police officers to be brought back – and 1,500 residents have backed the campaign.

If you live in Westhoughton North and Chew Moor, you can vote for Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon. If you live in Westhoughton South, including Daisy Hill and Hart Common, then you can vote for David Wilkinson on Thursday 3 May.

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  1. Every time my wife and I visit the local WEATHERSPOONS we are amased at the number af cars driving the wrong way on Marsdon St, It’s an accident waiting to happen. I have no doubt that these drivers do not realise they are doing this but something needs looking at, arrows on road would help, no entry signs on the bend near the now defunct police station.

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