David Wilkinson: Labour must drop plan for 5,000 houses on Westhoughton open spaces

Collingwood Way
Councillor David Wilkinson at Lee Hall
David Wilkinson opposes the 300 houses for Lee Hall because our busy roads could not cope with the extra traffic they would bring.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson is demanding that Labour bosses at Bolton Council remove Westhoughton’s open spaces from a plan to build 5,000 new houses.

Residents were shocked when plans submitted to the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities by Bolton’s Labour-run council showed how several open spaces across Westhoughton had been allocated for future housing supply.

Red-faced Labour councillors accused David of “lies” when he revealed the shock plans. One councillor has since admitted Labour did suggest the sites for future houses but insisted “no plans have been presented” at the moment that would make them a reality.

The words will offer no reassurance to Westhoughton residents who fear the massive impact of such developments on local roads and places at doctors, dentists and schools.

Now David Wilkinson is demanding that they be removed from the housing plan.

David said: “If it really is the case that there are no concrete plans for houses on the sites which Labour have offered up, they should have no problem in removing them straight away.

“If they can’t remove them from the map, it shows that Labour really are pushing for mass-developments across the town but are too ashamed to admit it.”

Say NO to the 5,000 houses

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Open spaces earmarked for new houses include:

Open space at Quakerfields


Open space at Collingwood Way

Collingwood Way

Open space behind Oxlea Grove

Oxlea Grove

Public open space along Hindley Road

Hindley Road

Open space near Eatock Way

Eatock Way

Land next to Sainsbury’s and The Welland

The Welland / Sainsbury's land

Former council yard off Park Road

Council yard

Land adjacent to The Gates primary school behind Church Street

Land near The Gates

Council bosses also asked other landowners what sites they wanted to develop for houses. They needed no encouragement to submit vast areas of Westhoughton, including:

  • Land to the west of Wingates Industrial Estate
  • Bowlands Hey, to the north of Wigan Road and the west of Church Street
  • Burnt House Farm, north of Dobb Brow
  • Lee Hall from Chequerbent roundabout to Wigan boundary
  • Lands Farm from Hindley Road to Atherton
  • Ditchers Farm from the A6 to the motorway
  • Land off Chew Moor Lane, going up the slope of Snydale Hill
  • Land between Bolton Road and the A6, west of Snydale Gate Farm
  • The entire Hulton estate (land between Lee Hall, Newbrook Road, the A6 and Atherton)
  • Land north of the A6 up to the motorway between Chequerbent and Four Lane Ends

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