Decision day looms for Wingates Lane houses

Plans for 58 houses at Hartley’s Farm, off Wingates Lane, are being recommended for APPROVAL when Bolton councillors make their decision on November 16.

The recommendation comes despite residents being up in arms about the potential loss of another green field – not to mention the additional traffic problems it would create.

Wingates town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon, pictured above meeting local residents, has objected to the plans and supported residents. She said: “I hope the council finds some common sense next week and refuses these unacceptable plans.

“There are real concerns that this development will put extra cars on the already difficult junction of Wingates Lane and the A6.”

Councillors on Bolton Council’s planning committee will visit the site in the morning on November 16 to see the site for themselves.


  1. If you think that is bad, as in 58 new houses, well some of you not so spring chickens, should think back to the 1960’s when the then Government proposed building a ‘Westhoughton New Town’ in the corridor in between Bowton and Howfen, which would have included Wingates.
    They decided to build the new town in Skelmersdale instead, but imagine if it had been built in Westhoughton, living in Wingates would have been like living in Skelmersdale and everybody would now be speaking with a scouse accent and supporting Liverpool F.C.

  2. No good going in the morning when all the traffic has gone go at 5 or 6 six at night and see the gridlock Westhoughton has to put up with, alright building houses but nothing about sorting roads out brown envelopes comes to mind ???

  3. It isn’t just Wingates Lane that would of been affected, Church Street, Church Lane as well as the A6 junctions would be impacted as well. The junctions are already bad enough, they didn’t need more traffic added.

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