Decision delayed on 300 Lee Hall houses

Councillor David Wilkinson at Lee Hall
David Wilkinson opposes the 300 houses for Lee Hall because our busy roads could not cope with the extra traffic they would bring.

The planning inspector’s decision on whether to approve the plans for 300 houses at Lee Hall has been delayed until mid-December.

The decision on the planning appeal had been due from the Government earlier this year but has been repeatedly delayed.

Hundreds of Westhoughton residents, supported by Westhoughton councillors David Wilkinson (pictured above) and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon, objected to the proposals.


  1. Good news atleast for the time being until some back hand money slips under the table … If any new housing estates get the go ahead in this town public opinion means nothing. Perhaps petrol persistently poured over ground work machinery may open eyes to future development ideas.. I’ve plenty spare cans !

  2. The traffic situation in Westhoughton is becoming intolerable. Trying to get out of Daisy Hill, any which way, takes longer and longer in the mornings.
    What happened to the proposals to extend the Atherleigh bypass up to the Chequerbent roundabout. This would at least alleviate some of the traffic coming up Lower Leigh Road congesting with local traffic from Daisy Hill and vice versa in the afternoons.
    With more new properties proposed this situation can only get worse.

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