Decision imminent on 300 house plan for Lee Hall

Lee Hall
Lee Hall

The planning inspector’s decision on whether to approve or reject plans for 300 houses at Lee Hall is now expected in mid-December.

Hundreds of Westhoughton residents and town councillors David Wilkinson and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon objected to the controversial plans by Persimmon Homes.

David said: “This development would bring chaos to Chequerbent roundabout and would open the floodgates for thousands more houses at the neighbouring Hulton Estate site.”

Bernadette added: “Let’s hope the planning inspector sees sense and rejects this unwanted development.”


  1. Better get some petrol ready burn these diggers then … Just goes to show money again under the table is working better than public objections ….. None of the people who give planning permission actually live in westhoughton ….. Why can’t you post the names who is on this Bolton committee .. up front persuasion works best ?

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