When is the decision due on Hulton Estate plans?

Hulton Estate

A decision on the plans by Peel to build more than 1,000 houses and a golf course at Hulton Estate is now due to be made in February or March.

Hundreds of residents have backed calls for Bolton Council to refuse the plans, fearing Westhoughton’s roads, including the Chequerbent roundabout, just wouldn’t be able to cope with the extra traffic. It would also see the development of beautiful land untouched for hundreds of years.

Westhoughton town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon recently said she was “horrified” at the decision by a planning inspector to approve 300 houses on the neighbouring Lee Hall site. She added: “I now fear that this will open the floodgates for thousands more houses at Hulton Estate.

“Westhoughton just cannot cope with all these extra houses without serious investment in our roads, doctors, schools and dentists.”


  1. Waist of time … It’s all about cash under the table those and all the houses WILL !!! Be built no matter what any public objections fly in ….. An as for you waisters writing these emails to us the general public. Why don’t you name the exact people who is approving all this building around westhoughton .. obviously they don’t live round here … An another thing church Street s road is getting worse I’ll be putting a claim in for damages shortly .. just idiots on all the council all talk and absolutely nothing is done you fill a pot hole and put a flag up yet the rest of the roads are shot .. council roads have been resurfaced on the council estates ( amazing ) an where the fk are the road sweepers never seen one for months and months place is a sht tip !! An why is there no police here I’ll tell you why .. one wages are rubbish so no new staff coming up .. two government cut backs to give all are hard earned money to split between government officials new TV’s , houses the list is endless.. also these European countries give them Nothing ! Two wars or English death and money to help them out and now they piss up are backs .. I’ve 1 solution to this vote me in there is nuclear bombs rusting away I’ll send them over that’s the EU sorted in five minutes… No body would be without a job then gas the lot .

  2. Absolutely no decision should be made about further Peel Holdings developments in this locality until the one recently approved has been completed and the ensuing traffic chaos and pressure on local services can be accurately measured. Without doubt, monitoring traffic using Park Rd in the Christmas holiday period was a master stroke from the Peel team. Lies, damned lies and statistics at play here.

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