Deirdre McGeown: Why Arthur Price and Neil Maher need your support

Councillor Deirdre McGeown
Councillor Deirdre McGeown
Councillor Deirdre McGeown
Councillor Deirdre McGeown

Westhoughton South councillor Deirdre McGeown is calling on residents to show their support for Arthur Price and Neil Maher in the upcoming Bolton Council elections on Thursday 6 May.

Arthur is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Westhoughton North, while Neil is representing Westhoughton South.

Deirdre said: “Since the last election your Liberal Democrat team has secured more money for our footpaths, roads and the town centre. We’re also fighting the overdevelopment of our town.

“By electing Arthur and Neil we can be a stronger voice for the people of Westhoughton.”

Arthur is a former Mayor of Westhoughton and Neil is an NHS worker and Armed Forces veteran – and both live locally unlike Labour and Tory candidates who have been parachuted in from Horwich.

Liberal Democrat councillors campaigned at the last election on getting fairer funding for Westhoughton. Since the election £1.2 million has been secured for the town’s roads and footpaths, while £4 million has been allocated to regenerate the town centre.

Read our interviews with Arthur Price and Neil Maher to find out more about the candidates.

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