Developer launches Collingwood Way house appeal

Collingwood Way

Developers who failed to get permission to build 129 houses off Collingwood Way have announced they are appealing the decision.

The appeal by Bellway Homes comes just days after Bolton Council rejected the house plans following a campaign by residents and a Westhoughton Liberal Democrats’ petition signed by hundreds of people.

Bellway Homes have requested an inquiry into their plans and stated in their submission that it should last three days.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “Those who appeal have the right to request what type of appeal they would like and Bellway have gone for a full blown inquiry which costs more. They will try and force the council’s hand because of the costs.”

Your Westhoughton Liberal Democrats team will continue to oppose the plans and we will bring you more information about submitting evidence to the appeal when we have it.

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