Developer of 106 new houses profits as Labour agree to less money for local services

Entrance to the Roscoes Farm site

A developer which will build 106 new houses off Bolton Road will pay LESS money to improve local services after the Labour council agreed to lower a deal with them.

Before housebuilders get permission to build new homes they have to agree to give money to improve local roads, schools, health facilities and fund affordable homes in order to reduce the strain on the community.

For developers building on the former Roscoes Farm that figure was supposed to be just over £3 million.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson at the Roscoes Farm site
Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson at the Roscoes Farm site

But Bolton Council said they believed there would be little impact on local roads such as already jam-packed Bolton Road. The entrance to the site will be from the Forshaw’s depot next to Westhoughton High School. Most of the homes will be luxury 4-bedroom detached properties.

The developer, Peel Holdings, argued that giving £3 million to the community would eat too much into their profits. This is the same developer that splashed out on buying 1,000 acres of Westhoughton land at a whopping cost of £8 million.

Town hall bosses at Labour-run Bolton Council agreed to lower this to just £805,000.

Section 106 agreement money for Roscoes Farm
Section 106 agreement money for Roscoes Farm

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “This is absolutely outrageous. The developers have saved themselves a tidy £2.2 million with some help from this Labour council, while the strain on local services continues to grow.

“They must be living on another planet if they think there will be no impact on local roads. The extra money would have been very helpful for improving Westhoughton’s facilities, infrastructure and providing affordable homes. Once again it shows just how out of touch Labour really is.”


  1. Outrageous I will never back a labour council morally wrong what is being agreed who is getting benefits from this deal or any back ganders

  2. Do these people live in the real world? Westhoughton is already gridlocked with traffic!!! No spaces at doctors or dentists surgeries and all schools full!!

  3. Bolton town centre has been ruined Where do they go next Westhoughton The Bolton Council are a disgrace They where voted for by people under the impression that they would carry out ventures which would improve their supporters lives Unfortunately they are only capable of ruining the lives of those very same people and worst still disrespect the voters by total ignoring their concerns

  4. I’m at the end of my tether on a daily basis reading about how my community is being destroyed and short changed… Bolton Road is grid locked at the best of times and where are the additional kids from the luxury houses going to be schooled? It would have been a good opportunity to secure vital funds to improve the high school and primary schools in the area. If indeed we do need more housing in an already congested town. Paying less than a third of the original social fund is disgraceful… be sure the developer won’t be picking up the total bill anyway, any contractor tendering for this work will be required to make there contribution so there will be no reduced profit… Are Bolton councillors half wits? Supply and demand increases fees surly… And I pay my council tax for them to roll over.

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