Developer WINS approval for 129 houses at Collingwood Way

Collingwood Way house plans
Collingwood Way house plans

A developer has won permission to build 129 houses on green fields off Collingwood Way despite the objections of hundreds of local residents.

A government planning inspector overturned the decision by Bolton Council to refuse the plans.

Now Bellway Homes has won the right to build the houses despite concerns over the impact it would have on nearby roads such as Collingwood Way and Church Street, which is already congested.

Collingwood Way, Grundy Street and Peel Street
Collingwood Way, Grundy Street and Peel Street

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “This is awful news for us all. Everyone has fought so hard against these plans but the developer has got their way.

“It won’t be long before they try for another 1,000 houses on the green fields at Bowland’s Hey which back on to this site. It’s the destruction of Westhoughton’s last remaining green fields before our very eyes.”


  1. This is tragic. Despite all of the sound planning reasons for turning it down. Everything is loaded in favour of developers nowadays.

  2. Whilst I agree there is a need for housing we need to ensure the infrastructure can cope. There is no way this area around Collingwood Way can be improved without mass demolition of existing housing. Then we get to services we need more doctors dentists schools, but all you need to do is remember Metal box which promised a new doctors that never appeared, where did that money go? This is a disgrace that this development has been passed although it is no surprise. Next will be the Hulton estate and we might as well all move as Westhoughton will be hell at peak times.

  3. There are two sides to the coin here in that on one side you have got your nimby (not in my back yard) lot, who don’t want the green fields to be built on, because they like looking at sheep, then on the other side of the coin, you have got people who want somewhere to live, Westhoughton people, born and bred howfeners, who work hard for a living and they want to live in a new house in Westhoughton, a new house in their home town of Westhoughton and they can’t, because owd fuddy duddies, want to keep the green fields of Westhoughton for keeping sheep on.

    A mate of mine is upset because he has had to move to Wigan, so he can buy a new house, because there aren’t any new houses in Westhoughton.

    1. Very true Stuart we do need new houses but will they be affordable for local people or the usual 4 bed detached for going on 300k and I agree with you on the golf course if we are not careful that will be next

      1. If the plans outlined in the Greater Manchester Spatial review are passed then then long island golf course will become an island as everything to the west up to Dicconson Lane will be an industrial Park bigger than the one they are building at cuticle four Lane ends and to the east all of Bowland hey will be houses. Westhoughton will carry the brunt of Bolton plans to fuel the northern power House.

    2. Plenty of houses for sale in westhoughton. Why does it have to be new? And when there is no fields for their kids to play on and people to enjoy, but atleast i go a NEW house.

  4. Knew it was coming it’s all bullshit and more lies from the council yet again is all about money under the table .. An as for you David Wilkinson your a waist I’ve asked you time and again to name these councilers who are approving all this destruction of westhoughton but you don’t so your just as bad as they are …. There not ! In for an easy build on that plot or any others . .

  5. It will be fun and games seeing the additional cars try to come in and out of Grundy Street and Peel Street when residents are parked on the road. Anyone who knows the two access points knows it can be precarious at the best of times , which makes me think if the government inspector has actually visited the site? I am sure now this will be green light for all the fields in that area to be developed citing the congestion problems and how dangerous it is to get in and out of Collingwood way.

    1. I think the plan was for access to be via a new road from the Fairways so that will make the traffic at the end of Cricketers Way worse than ever

      1. Did you know that Cricketers Way or as folk call it ‘Quickytus Way’ was the only part ever built of the long promised route 225 which would have been an extension to the M58 which would have gone from the M6/M58 junction at Orrell to the M61 junction 4 at Farnworth, that is why Cricketers Way travels in a Westerly direction past Aldi and stops in a dead end, it was meant to carry on to Orrell.

      2. Not sure how that could happen, Paul, because traffic would have to cross Old Road somehow…………

          1. Perhaps Old Lane could be crossed, but from looking at a map there’s land on either side of it that is not part of the planned Collingwood Way development that would also need to be crossed.

  6. Now you mark my words here and that is that now that the building companies are in Westhoughton, the next thing which will happen, is that Westhoughton Golf Club (and aircraft landing strip) will go bust and the land will be sold off for house building, same as what happened in Standish.

  7. This is terrible. I attended the public enquiry for a couple of the mornings in July. There were hardly any residents there to oppose it which is shocking. The planning inspector probably thought local people were not that bothered. If people do not show their opposition what can you expect. Westhoughton needs Karen Garrido, Worsley councillor who has done a lot to fight the developers in Worsley! I once attended a meeting in St. Marks church in Worsley about potential development. 700 residents attended.

        1. Unfortunately I have to work to be able to afford to live. I would love to be able to spend my time attending meetings and protesting but feeding my family and paying the bills is a little bit more important.

  8. I have already mentioned in a reply that the old route 225 which would have been the M58 extension from Orrell to the M61 at Farnworth, going through Westhoughton, which is explained about here http://pathetic.org.uk/unbuilt/m58_mid_lancashire_motorway/

    Circa 1990 the only bit of that road they ever built was Cricketers Way in Westhoiughton, but if the road had been built, Cricketers Way would have been to all intents and purposes a two lane motorway, complete with a central reservation, that is why if you notice, Cricketers Way is so wide, with loads f land available at the sides to make it into a motorway and if the late 1980’s route had been chosen, it would have gone on from the junction with Park Road and would have actually gone under Chequerbent Roundabout and joined the M61 but not at Junction 4

    So what I want to say is that if the Department of Transport ever decides to stump up the cash and extend the M58 from Orrell to the M61 then you will have a motorway running through the middle of Westhoughton and then you will have something to skrike about.

    If they do they do that you will be wishing they had built 129 houses instead.

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