Developers plan 12 new houses in Wingates

The former Windmill pub site
The former Windmill pub site

Developers want to build 12 new houses – all five bedrooms – near the site of the former Windmill pub on Chorley Road, Wingates.

Plans submitted to Bolton Council include the demolition of 96 Chorley Road, which was carried out before permission was granted, and the demolition of 106, a bungalow with a large garden which will be cleared and then built on.

Developers' plans for Chorley Road site
Developers’ plans for Chorley Road site

Local residents are opposed to the application on a variety of issues.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson asks: “Will this encourage developers to apply to build even more on the farm land between the A6 and the motorway, between Wingates and Four Gates?”

Please submit your views about the application to us.

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