Diddy Bottle Park tree to be replaced after councillor’s call for action

Diddy Bottle Park tree
The historic tree at Diddy Bottle Park

An historic tree which was cut down by council workers in April is to be replaced after a campaign by Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson.

The tree, believed to be more than 50 years old, was in Diddy Bottle Park, off Church Street.

Bolton Council initially claimed that it did not have the money in its budget to replace the tree, which had died, and no replacement had therefore been planted.

At the time Councillor Wilkinson said: “The council says that budget cuts mean they can’t afford it but we are only talking about one tree. It will make all the difference to the community to get it replaced.”

Now, Bolton Council have informed Councillor Wilkinson that they have agreed to his request and a new tree is to be planted.

A council spokesman said: “The replacement tree should be planted during the current planting season.”

Councillor Wilkinson said: “At last common sense has prevailed at the council. The residents will be pleased to be getting a new tree.”

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