Dixon Street resurfacing after Bernadette’s campaign

Dixon Street is to be resurfaced this month after a long campaign by Wingates councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon.

The work will be carried out on October 16 and is expected to take four days, during which time the road will be closed.

Bernadette, pictured above with fellow town councillor David Wilkinson, said: “This work cannot come soon enough because the road on Dixon Street is badly in need of repair.”


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  1. Yea well done except for the fact church Street it’s self is knackered all the way up it . Never mind if you land on your head tomorrow you may get it right on major roads first. Oh and get a proper company in as Southfield drive new surface is a joke compared to washacer s . Two totally different companies one was spot on in quality the other was a gang of gypsys .

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