Double yellow lines planned for Leigh Road

Councillor David Wilkinson on Leigh Road
Councillor David Wilkinson on Leigh Road

Bolton Council has now decided to introduce no waiting restrictions along Leigh Road.

The popularity of Daisy Hill railway station for commuters has also caused a number of problems, mainly that of pavement parking and parking in Mabel Street and other locations which has affected other residents and pedestrians.

There are a number of elements to the no waiting restrictions which will be on the east side which is the station side of Leigh Road from just north of the car park entrance of the Rose Hill Tavern right down all the way to just pas Hydrangea Drive.

On the other side of Leigh Road into Mabel Street and just in front of the crash barriers there will be a proposed no waiting restrictions from 8am until 9.30am. From Mabel Street down to the entrance to the dirt car park on the south side of the railway line it is proposed no waiting at any time, and then just past the roundabout on the top of Lower Leigh Road, going into Hartford Road, past Marsham Road, also more no waiting restrictions at any time.

These waiting restrictions are now advertised and objections or support can be lodged with Bolton highway department by before 28 April.

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  1. Yellow lines are a total waist of time yet another brain dead worthless idea the people who work in Manchester will just park else where causing problems else where the solution is to make the car park bigger at the side of the station there is easy enough room to double it going up to the estate council owned land .. reason for not doing it is there is NO money in it for the council so the cheaper option is some yellow paint..!

  2. Why put yellow lines on roads that no-one will will take any notice of anyway. There are yellow lines on roads off Wigan road that have cars parked on all day.

  3. The yellow lines will stop people parking in some of the areas but because there will be nothing along one side of the road, Leigh Road will be reduced to one lane from Hartford Roundabout to the railway station. It won’t stop people with wheelchairs and pushchairs not being able to get through because of cars parked on the pavement along this stretch. This is the most effective way to keep the roads clear. Enforce pavement parking laws and prosecute those that leave less than 4 feet when they park on the pavement. Paint solid white lines down the centre of the road and let the police lift the cars that park opposite them and charge the owners ¬£150 to get them out of the pound. I bet they would only park there once if this was done.

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