Drivers warned of Westhoughton roadworks chaos


Drivers are being warned to expect severe unavoidable congestion while Electricity North West carries out emergency work in Westhoughton.

Temporary traffic lights will be in force 24-hours a day at the bridge at Hall Lee Bank Park, Park Road, close to its junction with Cricketers Way, to allow repairs to an underground cable.

The lights will be manned during rush hour (7am to 9.30am and 5.50pm to 7pm) to improve traffic flow.

The work started at 9.30am today and could to last until Wednesday (March 21). Drivers are advised to use alternative routes where possible.

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  1. I noticed the backed up traffic but that’s nothing as to what’s coming with all these new houses which will have two or more cars so you’ll be averaging 3000 cars more . 2000 cars on the soon Hilton estate jam butty estate with a 1000 houses on there and the other estates another 500 houses in total up to now that’s another 1000 cars .. so you’ll all have to set off work an hour earlier just to cover a few miles an by the time you get home you may as well go straight to bed … It’s a joke ..an it’s coming . Best thing the new Westhoughton immigrants will not have any schools to send there kids to or enough places for anything else .. councillors are full of ideas but nothing else .. I’d like to know exactly where all the peoples council tax money of westhoughton is going because it sure as shit ain’t being put back into this town.

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