Enjoy this Four Gates view while it lasts

Councillors Arthur Price and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon at Four Gates

We can all agree that this view at Four Gates is absolutely beautiful.

Unfortunately it’s a case of enjoy it while it lasts.

Thanks to Conservative councillors in Bolton, greedy developers won permission to build a mega industrial estate on these last remaining green fields.

Now we are waiting for the results of an appeal into the plans.

Former Westhoughton mayor Arthur Price, who is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Westhoughton North in the upcoming May elections, said: “I attend the planning meeting and spoke against it and I also attended the appeal and spoke against that.

“It’s quite clear that the Conservatives don’t talk to each other. Their MP wanted this opposed. If they don’t talk to each other can you honestly trust them to put forward what’s right for Westhoughton?”

It’s clear that a vote for the Conservatives is a vote for more destruction of Westhoughton’s green fields.

As soon as we have the result of the appeal we will share this with Westhoughton residents.


  1. It’s slightly frustrating to see everyone calling it “Four Gates”!! I was born and brought up at “Fourgates”. It might be pedantic, but if you are fighting for somewhere, let’s get it’s name right…

    1. Hi Gill, thanks for the comment, it’s an interesting one. Most people refer to it as “Fourgates” these days, as this is how we also write “Wingates”, but it was originally two words and is still represented as so on Ordnance Survey maps (you can view these on their website).

  2. Well done for attempting to get this overturned. I am seriously concerned that if the planning decision stands then that will set a precedent and we will soon see other applications coming forward. The West Of Wingates site originally selected for the GMSF is massive and far too big to lose all those beautiful fields and wildlife. I hope that the Lib dems will stand up and lead the charge on scaling back any new plans. I am not against development but it feels like we bow too many times to the influence of large companies like Peel/Harworth, we should exhaust all brown field sites in the borough before taking one blade of grass, Just like has been done at the former Bernstien site.

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