Fight to keep war memorial in Westhoughton as NatWest closes


A campaign to keep a war memorial in Westhoughton has been launched following the closure of the NatWest bank on Market Street.

A plaque to remember the war dead is on a wall inside the bank.

NatWest bosses planned to relocate the memorial to the Standish branch following its closure. Now it is understood they are planning to move it to Leigh.

Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson is fighting for the plaque to be kept in Westhoughton, possibly at the library.

He said: “I asked for the war memorial inside the building not to be relocated to their Standish branch and for it to be instead kept at Westhoughton Library. RBS now say they won’t move it to Standish, but instead Leigh. We will be contacting them again!”

Westhoughton Town Council is writing to the bank to appeal for the memorial to remain in the town.

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  1. Not going to Standish because that’s shut to! My hope is that space can be found at library or Parish Church.

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