Has Costa dropped its plan for a Westhoughton coffee shop?

Costa is coming to Westhoughton

There are growing concerns that Costa has dropped its plans to open a new coffee shop in Westhoughton.

Despite receiving planning permission weeks ago to convert the former police post off Pavilion Square, there has been no sign of action from the coffee chain.

Following enquiries from the Westhoughton Liberal Democrat team, a spokesperson for Costa told us: “We have no further details about a store in this location at the moment. We’ll let you know if we hear any further updates.”


  1. Who gave prermission for another food outlet in Westhoughton. Next door to the Police Post is Wetherspoons, across from Wetherspoon is another coffee shop. Up and down Market Street there are coffee shops and cafes plus pubs. We have a lot of people working in this industry getting rubbish wages, we do not need another one. We need a central Health Centre in Westhoughton, the side of the Library would have been a good place. Please concentrate on the good of the people not coffee shops.

  2. I agree with Jennifer Foster – we don’t need Costa here. We should be supporting local businesses rather than national ones. A new coffee shop has just opened opposite the White Horse pub and a few other small businesses are still trying to build up – competition is not what’s needed right now.

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