Bowlands Hey

Westhoughton faces prospect of 1,000 new houses at Bowlands Hey

Fancy another 1,000 houses in Westhoughton? No, thought not.

Surveyors have been spotted working in the fields off School Street and the Dobb Brow area which is part of the Bowlands Hey site, stretching from Collingwood Way to Dobb Brow and to the Bolton to Wigan railway line. We could be facing potentially 1,000 new houses.

Bowlands Hey had the same protection as Lee Hall’s protected open space. That’s until Bolton Council pulled the plug on the protection for Lee Hall at informal planning committee just 7 days after the local elections, thus removing it as an objection to the 300 houses.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson is fighting to protect our town’s open spaces and the already crumbling infrastructure. “Westhoughton’s roads would simply not cope with a development as big as this and it would signal the end of one of our last remaining open spaces,” he said.

I object to 1,000 new houses at Bowlands Hey

Following the application by Persimmon for 300 houses on the Lee Hall on the east of Westhoughton, Bolton Council may just have paved the way for the first of 1,700 houses on that side of Westhoughton. Now residents will be fearing much of the same on the other side of town.

Westhoughton simply cannot cope with this number of houses.

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  1. Alex Walker
    Alex Walker says:

    Why do yourself the developer’s and council refer to this area as ‘Bowlands Hey’ ? When this as never been part of or belonged to Bowlands Hey.


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