Hulton Estate developers invite residents to consultation days

Hulton Estate

Residents are being invited to view plans by the developers who want to build more than 1,000 houses at the picturesque Hulton Estate.

The development would bring untold chaos to Chequerbent roundabout as well as destroy acres of open spaces which has been left untouched for hundreds of years.

Hulton Estate and Lee Hall proposed developments
Hulton Estate and Lee Hall proposed developments

But developers Peel, run by a billionaire, are keen to show off their massive plans. They hope to win people over with their plans for a golf course, a new luxury Hulton Hall hotel and the restoration of lakes and a walled garden.

Residents are invited to their consultation events on Wednesday 21 June at Over Hulton Conservative Club and
Friday 23 June at the Carnegie Hall, Westhoughton, between 4pm and 8pm.


  1. I’ll be going to stick my two pence worth in…. But we all know back hand money to thevin bastards at the council what the common people say is worth less. They just tell lies they can’t sleep in bed straight an not one of them lives anywhere near this building work . Go tell them build on that old factory land off Bolton road and the old burnstins land and the old bin yard . Which has had buildings on it before.. how come they get permission to build on green belt land.. I own 5 Acer’s of land in Daisy hill and that’s green belt I’ll bet you any money if I asked for planning to build ( 1 ) house I’d not get it and that’s because I would not be giving them any under the table money. Anyway I’ll be at these meetings for a good argument with a gang of tossers !!!

  2. Interesting that the leafleting by Peel hasn’t included properties that are affected by the proposed development.

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