Is Bolton Council really going to stop 300 houses at Lee Hall?

Councillor David Wilkinson at Lee Hall
David Wilkinson opposes the 300 houses for Lee Hall because our busy roads could not cope with the extra traffic they would bring.

Doubts that Bolton Council will maintain its opposition to 300 houses at Lee Hall have emerged after it dropped its objection to homes on green fields in Blackrod to save money.

Lee Hall development
Lee Hall development

A planning inspector will consider an appeal by developers Persimmon Homes in July and will decided whether or not the homes can go ahead.

But it emerged that Bolton Council dropped its objections to plans for 110 houses in Blackrod in a bid to save money on legal costs, sparking fears that they may do the same in Westhoughton.

Bolton Council’s planning committee had rejected the plans, put forward by Manchester based developers Hollins Strategic Land. The developer appealed and an inquiry was held last month. But council bosses decided to withdraw their objections in order to save on legal costs.

A Bolton Council boss told us: “At the moment we have no plans to withdraw from any other live planning appeals.”

But Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson, who has fought against the Lee Hall development, said: “That was hardly the robust objection to Lee Hall we were expect. What does ‘at the moment’ mean? The people of Westhoughton want assurances that the council is on their side when it comes to opposing these plans.”

To send a strong message ahead of the planning inquiry, sign the petition:

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Read more about David Wilkinson’s campaign to protect Westhoughton’s open spaces and vote for him for the Westhoughton South ward in the local elections on Thursday 5 May.

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