Join our live Q&A with David Wilkinson, Saturday 5pm

David Wilkinson

Join Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson for a live Q&A on the My Westhoughton Facebook page from 5pm this Saturday.

David’s last Q&A was watched by more than 5,000 people and dozens of questions and comments were submitted, so why not get your question in early by using the form below?

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  1. The number of Police on our streets in numbers have gradually been on the decline for many years. Successive Labour and Tory Governments don’t seem to see the Police as a priority, which makes me wonder why not, given the present circumstances we as a country find ourselves in these days. Terrorism and crime are spiralling upwards but our means with which to tackle both is slowly spiralling down, why and what can’t our politicians see that we can? I feel genuinely sorry for all the brave men and women of the thin blue line who wake each morning and answer a multitude of calls under staffed and unsure whether or not their efforts will count, will they be appreciated, will there be back up if needed and will they make it home at the end of each shift. This like so many other issues we all see before us today, ie homelessness and people sleeping rough on our streets, our military strength so few in numbers to almost be irrelevant, crime etc etc, these are things we care about and should be our Governments top priority, yet they bicker constantly amongst themselves, stabbing each other in the back over Brexit, Trump and should he visit or not, ideologies of peace, etc etc…and still you can bet your last penny on the fact that come the next General election the very same people who gripe and moan will put theirs and our future on the line by marking with a X in the box of the Red team or the Blue. Politics today has become stagnant, President Trump and America are not the only ones with a swamp that is in need of clearing, we have it here too. Maybe it’s time we broke away from the staid old safety trap of I always vote for excuses. Time to think big and vote small, step out of your comfort zones, smell the coffee and be part of the change you want in our country….because if you don’t then nothing will change, things will gradually get worse over the coming years and yes, our Police force may become one day so few in numbers it will cease to exist…Think on it, dread the thought. Onwards ad upwards.

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